EuroCloud Forum 2017

Cloud, Trust & Security

EuroCloud Forum 2017 is the primary cloud computing event connecting the industry to spread knowledge and stimulate businesses to invest in the cloud ecosystem. We promote the usage of Cloud Computing as it provides the platform for new services and as such is a fundamental game-changer in the digital society. Join us on 25th October 2017 in Mechelen (Brussels, Belgium).

This year, the annual EuroCloud Forum event will take place under the motto “Cloud, Trust and Security”. A unique B2B conference organised by EuroCloud Europe & operated by Brewery of Ideas.

All visitors are invited for a unique day of networking, education and discussions regarding cloud computing. Participating companies will have the chance to meet potential clients, build relationships and reach a wide audience in the international cloud computing community.


Take part into a full day of networking, education and discussions about cloud computing with speakers from all over Europe. The following topics and panels will shape the EuroCloud conference:

  • Cloud & the European Commission
  • Cloud & Secret Service
  • The Impact of Cloud on IT Security
  • Cloud, Security for Environment
  • Cloud, Quality for Postal Service
  • Cloud, Security in Banks
  • Cloud, Security and Energy
  • Gas Pipeline Goes Cloud
  • Cloud and Annual Accounts
  • Cloud & Privacy by Design
  • Cloud Services in Education and Knowledge Management Processes
  • GDPR, basics everyone must know
  • GDPR, the 20 most important questions
  • GDPR, how to perform an assessment
  • GDPR, how to adapt your organisation

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Lamot Congress Centre
2800 Mechelen

EuroCloud Europe